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Calm Mind & Help Sleep

The traditional Chinese medicine for soothing sleep needs to be selected according to different types of syndrome, and there are several common types of syndrome:
First, insomnia caused by Yin deficiency and internal heat, especially kidney Yin deficiency and heart fire, can use Huanglian Ejiao Tang or  Jiaotai pills.
Second, caused by deficiency of heart blood and deficiency of heart Yin, Suanzaoren Tang or Zaoren Anshen capsule can be used.
Third, due to congestion caused by insomnia, generally accompanied by local pain, tongue coating purple dark, or ecchymosis petechiae, you can use Xuefu Zhuyu Tang or Xuefu Zhuyu capsule.
Fourth, due to the spleen and stomach discord, often stomach distention, diet, and other causes of insomnia, you can Banxia Xiexin Tang or the same amount of Spinelli and coix seed decoction to apply.
Fifth, due to emotional frustration, upset, or easy to anger and other emotional factors caused by insomnia, you can use a bupleurum prescription, such as Dachaihu Tang, Xiaochaihu Tang, or Chaihu Longgu Muli Tang, you can also use Shugan granules, Chaihu Shugan San.