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In accordance with Chinese medicine, abnormal leucorrhoea might be linked to spleen deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, and damp-heat in the liver meridian. Patients may find relief through medication, physiotherapy, and regular care.

First, Weakness in the spleen

If the spleen is weak, it can cause inadequate production of qi and blood, which can impact the regular discharge of leucorrhoea and lead to symptoms such as an excessive amount of leucorrhoea and its yellowish color. Patients may follow the medical practitioner's instructions to consume spleen pills, ginseng, atractylodes, and other medications for treatment as well as using methods like massage and moxibustion for relief.

Secondly, the Deficiency of Kidney Yang

Kidney Yang Deficiency may arise due to various factors such as excessive work or congenital deficiencies and can lead to the deficiency of kidney qi which may affect normal leukorrhea discharge leading to symptoms like excessive leukorrhea, waist and knee pain, and weakness. Patients may follow the medical practitioner's instructions to consume Jin Gui Kidney Qi Pills, Right Angelica Pills, and other medications for treatment as well as use procedures like acupuncture and massage for relief.

Thirdly, Damp-heat in the liver meridian

Damp-heat in the liver meridian is the accumulation of damp-heat in the liver, possibly due to an improper diet or external damp-heat, among other factors. This accumulation can affect the normal discharge of leucorrhea, leading to symptoms such as excessive discharge and yellow coloration. Patients can follow the doctor's instructions to take medications such as Gentian Diarrhea Liver Pill or Yin Chen Wu Ling Pill, and may also seek relief through cupping, gua sha, or other methods.

In addition, abnormal leucorrhoea may be associated with blood stasis. Patients are advised to promptly seek medical advice and undergo relevant treatments under the guidance of their doctor.