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Medication Counseling

Dear friend, if you are not quite sure which medication to buy for your symptoms, please provide the detailed information below and send an email to [email protected]
1. Name, gender, age, height, weight
2. Current symptoms of discomfort, past medical history, what medication you are taking now?
3. Please provide a photo of your tongue; please refer to the following picture for reference.

How to take the right tongue photo
1. Turn on the flash 
2. Use the rear camera to take the picture, tilt your head 45 degrees, cancel all kinds of filters, and take the picture 30 minutes after the meal.
3. When taking pictures, stick out your tongue all the way, take a complete tongue picture, and the person being photographed should be relaxed 
4. The beauty camera must be turned off before you can take a tongue slice. 
5. The quality of the tongue photo will affect the quality of the tongue diagnostician's diagnosis.
Our Customer Say
Client Testimonials Our Customer Say
I really recommend you get a Chinese herbalist's advice on any TCM herbal formula. Each of us have different constitutions and imbalances. It's not like Western medicine where aspirin = headache relief for most people.I think, as with all Chinese herbs, they're probably best taken in conjunction with acupuncture treatments.My experience: no complications. The hot flashes I have are intense: one minute I'm fine and then I feel it ramp up and in the space of a minute I have burst into a full body wet, wet, wet sweat. It fades in a few minutes but it's a pretty gross two minutes. And it's awkward when you're like...trying to have lunch with your family and then suddenly look like you just ran a marathon in a sauna.I'm just about done with this bottle so I figured it's time for the review: they have not eliminated my hot flashes. However, they have cut down on the frequency and the severity of them, quite noticeably. And it's August so it's hot so we can't say that it's cool
Jane Smith
I have been using traditional Chinese medicine for years now. I won't forget the day when my herbalist told me that he could cure my persistent cold hands and feet in a few days and (I had suffered from Reynaud's my whole life).I took his tea and within days i was able to walk barefoot in the house in winter without feeling like my feet were freezing.Since then, I take these tablets as needed (the same formula he gave me). I use it mostly in winter. This stuff works.Consider seeing an herbalist in your area also - diagnoses are different than western " cure the symptom" tactics so one person's symptoms could have a different root cause than another's. Check out the studies by National institutes of health on Chinese herbs. You'll find that these formulas are backed by science. Love these little pills!
It takes awhile for the Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan-Stress Management Relaxation Pills to begin taking effect , but they do as they are suppose to and truly work!
So to get rid or stress and anxiety as a modest cost, try these pills. Great value.
Added benefit, these little pills are spherical and coated so swallowing them is really very easy.
Nicole H
I have fatty livers problem for years. I couldn’t sleep and felt so painful. The previous doctor didn’t say anything until I saw the blood test report. I felt I should found my way out. I was told by a Chinese herb doctor that I should take herbal pill because it’s made from particular herbs, no chemicals. The herbs pills will made me go to toilet. My body system would plush out the bacterials. I am happy to have the pills with me. Now I gave up the fried food already. Sleep better.
Wesley B.
Jane Smith
Nicole H
Wesley B.