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Gynecological Medicine

Chinese patent medicines used in gynaecology to regulate menstruation include Bu Zhong Yi Qi Pill, Dang Gui Pill, Fu Ke Tiao Jing Tablet, Jia Wei Xiao Yao Pill, and others. Specific medications for regulating menstruation in gynaecology differ based on the conditions of menstruation, including the amount, colour, and quality of the period. It is advised that patients get a clear diagnosis from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and receive medication under medical guidance.

 For early menstruation:
One possible cause of early menstruation with heavy flow, light red colour, and thin texture is Qi deficiency. Treatment can include taking tonic Chinese medicine pills and angelica pills to tonify the spleen and kidneys and regulate menstruation by building blood.

Another possible cause of early menstruation with heavy flow, dark or purple-red colour, and thick texture is blood heat. Treatment may include taking Sijunzi Pill, Zhibaidihuang Pill, or other drugs to clear heat, nourish the yin, cool the blood, and regulate menstruation.

Delayed menstruation can also have different causes:
One possible cause of delayed menstruation with low volume, light red colour, and thin texture is blood deficiency. Medicines such as Strengthening the Spleen, Promoting Blood Pellets, and Four Things Pellets can be used to tonify the kidney, regulate yang, and promote qi to aid in menstruation regulation;

Two, Blood cold: Delayed menstruation accompanied by low volume, dark colour, and blood clots are often associated with blood cold. In such cases, warm menstruation pills, women's treasure gold pills, and other drugs can be taken to disperse cold and regulate blood circulation for menstruation regulation.

Blood stasis: Menstruation accompanied by scanty menstrual flow, dark colour, and lumps are often related to blood stasis. Hematopoietic Capsule and Jiawei Yiqiu Pill can be taken to promote blood circulation, resolve blood stasis, and relieve pain.

Menstrual disorders accompanied by heavy flow, long duration and thick texture are often associated with dampness and heat. Treatment options include Ermiao Pill and Si Miao Pill to remove heat and dampness, resolve blood stasis and relieve pain.

In addition, Chinese medicine acknowledges that menstrual disorders have various causes. Treatment options include Yuan Hu Zhi Tong Tablets, Qi Zhi Xiang Fu Pills, Ba Zhen Yi Mu Pills, Wu Ji Bai Feng Pills, Tong Jing Bao Ke Li, Yi Mu Cao Ke Li, and Xin Sheng Hua Ke Li. Patients should clarify the usage with their doctor's prescription.
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