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About Us

Hi, siblings.Welcome to my website. I am Dara, a TCM enthusiast and the runner of this website.

On the eve of Chinese New Year 2020, my husband and I and our two children returned to my parent's home in Hubei from Zhejiang. We returned from Hubei to Zhejiang as soon as possible afterward to begin 40-day-long home isolation due to COVID-19 outbreaks in Wuhan.

The child had a cold during this period, my husband had a toothache, and I had shoulder and neck pain. So, I started to study Chinese medicine and learned how to improve the overall immunity of my family. After nearly 3 years of study, I can solve some simple minor ailments with the appropriate Chinese medicine to save time going to the hospital. The hospital's resources will serve more needy patients.

Recently, the Delta virus has started to appear again, and people are panicking. At the same time, many Chinese Medicine Experts tell us which herbs can be used to increase everyone's resistance and call for anti-epidemic scented packs. I think China's methods to deal with Delta can also be used by people worldwide. Still, people don't know China and Chinese medicine, so I should use my meager power to translate some well-known TCM articles and write about the application of TCM in COVID-19. Chinese medicine has no borders, and Chinese medicine belongs to the world. If you are interested in Chinese medicine and want to believe in it, please subscribe to my website, and I will keep updating the blog. It's an honor to share with you.

A solemn reminder to all:
This website aims to spread Chinese medicine and TCM culture worldwide so that all people can know more about their bodies and can self-medicate and help themselves, not a platform to seek Doctors. Therefore, if you ask me what remedy you should use for your disease, I may not be able to give the correct answer. I am only an enthusiast, not a professional doctor. My advice may not necessarily help your condition.
​​​​​​​In addition, the prescriptions mentioned in the blog are for communication and learning purposes only. Please do not try the medicine blindly.
The electronic version of the books provided on this website is copyrighted by the author. It will be shared only to spread the culture of Chinese medicine and will not be used for profit. and please do not use them for gain.